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  Home & Soul

Tranquil Designs & Products

      for a Healthier Home & LifeStyle

Our 2022 Gifts for all occasions -

Mind, Body & Spirit Health and Serenity

 Carefully selected products combined to create Mindful giftsets calm your mind, offer healthy treats and uplift and inspire your spirit.

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Healthy Natural Gourmet Treats paired with Artisan Gifts!

 Product descriptions, flavor selections, and gift item specifics are available on our Product Details page. We work with many Family Owned businesses just like ours, so your orders help support our local community and a portion of ALL sales are donated to our Give Back Program. Thank you for your support!

 Loads of great items to select from to create a personalized gift! Our inventory changes as we fill orders and get new products in, but we always carry a great selection of Inspirational Affirmation Card Decks, Books, artisan gifts, candles, and scrumptious,  healthy Gourmet Treats.

Gifts, Goodies & Treats! Our hottest sellers combined to create awesome GiftSets. Available in three sizes - Small, Medium, Large. Nestled into a variety of containers including Fabric Gift Boxes, Specialty and Seasonal bases including full-color handcrafted BoxCo bases, Trays and more

 and are suitable for shipping!

Each GiftSet includes: 4pack Welsh Cakes, organic and gluten free Just Jans Fruit Spread, natural 'Tea Spot' assortment, and decadent Godiva Chocolates with your Gift selection.

  • Small - select 1 gift item
  • Medium - select 2 gift items 
  • Large - select 3 gift items

Fresh Orchid, Bromeliad and Tropical Plant Displays available

Floral & LivingGardens

           Inspirational Card Decks & FlipBooks
           Mini Artisan Books

    Aromatherapy Candles & Tins

AIHU Body Cream & Spa Products

Gifts&Goodies 'Single Set'  select an Inspirational Card Deck and we'll add assorted Gourmet Treats. Each deck is filled with colorful cards of uplifting mindful quotes. Scroll or see Product Details $35.00

Single Gift Set

Gifts&Goodies 'Double Set'   select one Inspirational Card Deck, and one Mini Book, and we'll add an assortment of gourmet goodies. See Product Details page $45.00

Double Gift Set

Gifts&Goodies ''Triple Set'  select any three gifts from Inspirational Card Decks, Mini Books, Aromatherapy Candles with an assortment of gourmet goodies. See Product Details  $55.00

Triple Gift Set

Orchid, Gift & Goodies Orchid Plant, Mug & Herbal Teas, Tea Towel, your selection(s) of Inspirational Card Deck or Book. surrounded by gourmet assortment. See Product Details Select size: $55 / $75 / $100

Orchid Gift Goodies

12 Vegan Wheat Free Welsh Cakes &FruitSpreads Three 4pack Welsh Cakes in Vegan Wheat Free, Traditional, or Combo flavors  + two Just Jan's all natural Fruit Spread Minis $24.00

1 Dozen Welsh Cakes & Spreads

GiftBag COMBO Set:

4 Welsh Cakes + 10oz Just Jan's Fruit Spread & full color Recipe Card $15.00

Combo Cakes & Fruit Spreads

Medium 'Sweet Treats' Two 2pack Welsh Cakes, (Cherry Almond / Cranberry Orange) two 1.4oz mini Just Jan's Fruit Spread, Gourmet assorted Tea, Godiva Chocolates $20.00

'Sweet Treats' - medium

Assorted Gourmet Gift Seasonal assortment of Cookies, Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Savory Crackers, Welsh Cakes, Chocolates & Truffles, Nuts & Snack Mixes, Crisps and more. See Product Details Select size: $45 / $65 / $100 / $150

Gourmet Treats Gift

Serene Home  soothing treats and scents in a Home style BoxCo base. Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Rasberry Truffles, Wine&Cheese Biscuits, Welsh Cakes, Wonderful Pistachios, Snack mix, Aromatherapy pillar candle (Positive Energy, Housewarming, or Abundance) $55.00

Serene Home

Spice it Up! GiftSet; Tangerine Sriracha Sauce, Apricot Pepper Spread, 2 color Recipe Cards, Pistachios and Chocolate Dipped Biscott $35.00

'Spice It Up' Gift Box

For Holiday & Floral Arrangements please CALL US at 818-741-0740, or EMAIL US and we will get right back to you! Our designs range from Exotic to Traditional.

Our Tropicals come direct from Hawaii, extra fancy import Roses from Eucador, and seasonal selections from local growers throughout California.

Select a style; traditional centerpiece, vase, arranged styles, or add pillar or hurricane candles.

Custom Designed 'Serene Home GiftSets'

Custom orders are designed to fit your taste and budget. Add a Fresh Floral Display, Orchid or Seasonal Plant to create a stunning centerpiece, or combine  artisan gifts and goodies. We offer Aromatherapy Candles, natural Spa Lotions/Body Butters, inspiring Books, Card Decks, stimulating music CD's, ceramic Mugs, gourmet goodies and more. (Plants; local delivery only, shipping not available) Please CONTACT US  to discuss your order. View a few of our custom designs:

Each year we select a charity organization to support, donating a percentage of all product/service sales. November 2020 through December 2022, we chose St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Your purchases make a BIG difference in families living with cancer, and the ongoing research to find a cure. We've all lost someone we know to cancer, and the fight must continue. Thank you for your support and consideration.

We also support 'The Trees Remember', which rasies funds and plants trees to reforest US National Forests across the States. "YOU can Give a Gift that will last for generations"! Consider adding this unique gift to your order, or click link and plant a tree, or grove, as a living tribute or for any special occasion or celebration. Your gift keeps giving.

 Artisan Gift Items

Our  Artisan Gifts and Floral &Living Gardens pages offer additional gifts. Please take a peak!

Consider giving a Custom Gift Subscription for a truly delightful YEAR-ROUND Gift!

Includes choice of 4 Seasonal Gifts - select any combo from our SereneGift Sets, Living Gardens or Floral Displays.

$200/year (4 x $50value)    or    $300/year (4 x $75value)

 Gift can be delivered to single or multiple recipients.

Remember to treat yourself to the perfect gift for your Serenity as well!